Our Legacy

The Legacy of Hoovers River Resort

The story of the Hoover River Resort began in 1934, when Kenneth Holdaway Hoover and Ada Steel married in Provo Utah. They caught a ride on the back of a  delivery truck, and moved to Richfield where they owned and operated the Blue Moon Café. Their café had the first lighted sign on Richfield’s Main Street.

Official Hoovers Greeter
Official Hoovers Greeter

The Hoovers moved to Marysvale Canyon in 1936 where they ran a “Honky Tonk” and Café, catering to local mining community. Located between a “highway and a rail spike” the establishment was strategically located to take advantage of the traffic created by mining in the Kimberly Mountains, as well as commerce and travel between Piute and Sevier counties. At the time, they lived in the basement of what is now known as the Hoover House. The ground floor of the home served many purposes through the years, including stints as a hotel and a dance hall. A restaurant was built in 1952 as a café and gas station. One of the dining rooms was originally a service bay for vehicles.

Eventually, cabins were added, and Hoover’s became a gathering place for those wishing to float the river, recreate in the canyon and enjoy the café cuisine.

Though the Hoover family no longer owns the resort, the current owners have improved the property and preserved the beauty, nostalgia, and adventure of this wonderful canyon retreat.